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Ristiveto (Cross-draught) is a group of curious musicians focusing on music of late 19th and early 20th century using raw gut strings and period grand pianos to find the sound that was available for everybody a hundred years ago.

Ristiveto can be a festival, a pop-up concert or just an attitude.

More info about Ristiveto here


The Maalismaa-Holmström Duo play together because of unexplainable occurrences. Both busy musicians of the Helsinki area, they share a passion for nerd-expressionism. Lately they have plunged in the music of Schumann and Mozart.

You can listen to their new Schumann Album on Spotify or some other stuff here

Emil and Eriikka curate the concert series Klassinen Hietsu together with guitarist Petri Kumela. Read more about it here

When they get tired of each other they join forces with their friends to form new groups like Härö, Tristero Piano Trio or...

Helsyd Piano Trio unites three very special musicians and long-time friends. After their studies at the Sibelius Academy, their respective careers have brought them together for all kinds of projects in various significant musical venues, and eventually to live in different corners of the world. Their schedules seldom line up, but when the three find themselves in the same place at the same time and can enjoy making music together, something magical is always in the air. Now, they have decided that those rare moments are worth seriously focusing on, and making less rare — hence, the birth of the Helsyd Piano Trio.

Their most recent group is the piano quartet Gustav4. The quartet is an exchange between musicians based in Helsinki and Stockholm, featuring Emma Nyman on the viola and Johannes Rostamo on the cello. Their aim is to focus on common Nordic ground and look back on the time when Finland and Sweden still was the same country. Their repertoire includes music written in Sweden-Finland during the 18th and 19th Centuries, but also presents rarely played Nordic chamber music. Gustav4 strongly prefer performing on period instruments. The recently formed group is going to play two tours in Finland and Sweden during the season 2019-2020.

Uusinta Ensemble is a contemporary music ensemble founded in 1998 in Helsinki. In addition to its native country Finland, Uusinta Ensemble has performed in USA, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Austria, France and Spain. Composer Perttu Haapanen has worked as the Artistic Director of Uusinta Ensemble since February 2017.


Here you can hear Emil perform music by Brice Pauset with Uusinta Ensemble.

More info about Uusinta Ensemble here

Formed in 2009, defunensemble has astonishingly quickly established itself as one of the most important contemporary music groups in Finland. The ensemble's vigorous mission is to systematically delve into the world of electroacoustic music. Defunensemble gives Finnish premieres of the most essential electroacoustic repertoire both classic and current, while simultaneously actively commissioning new works incorporating the latest technologies.

Here you can listen to Emil performing Enno Poppe's Arbeit in a defunensemble concert.

More info about defunensemble here


Schumann: The Violin Sonatas

Listen to it on Spotify

Beach & Strauss: Violin Sonatas

Listen to it on Spotify

Emil appears also on the following recordings:

Beyond Poems, Chamber music of Outi Tarkiainen / ABCD415

Nordic Violin Music / ABCD347 (Bengt Carlson: Violin Sonata)

Voices, Stringing / JASECD0048 (Veli-Matti Puumala: Hommages fugitifs)

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